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ljconfesses's Journal

Livejournal Confessions
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☆ Livejournal Confesses is a community based off of the ever-popular PostSecret idea.

☆ Being anonymous when you post is the point. However, this community doesn't require you to submit a pretty, photoshopped secret. In fact, secrets are not the only thing this community covers. Write it out in text. Tell us your secrets. Ask for advice you're too afraid to ask for otherwise. Confess something you'd never confess to a person face-to-face. This community aims to cover every walk of life; from livejournal, life, school, work, hobbies. It doesn't stop there. Writing, art, relationships, anime, fears, religion, opinions, fandom everything you can think of. Spill a secret, ask a question, find out that you're not alone and find solace in people who understand your feelings. We hope that you'll join us.

☆ There will be a post once a day. Every secret/question/confession will be posted eventually, so please be patient if you do not see your own right away.

☆ We currently have no limitations as to what kind of submissions we are accepting, and we trust the livejournal network to use good judgement when submitting something. The only thing we will not allow is downright hate and wanking. Please post only to our designated submissions post, which will be linked both in the community's profile and at the end of every post. Keep in mind that some secrets will be mature in content.

☆ Our IP logging is off, and we allow anonymous comments. Please keep in mind that people have differing opinions, so respect from both sides is appreciated. The mods will step in to delete and screen comments as they see fit. We trust that our userbase knows this already, so will behave.

☆ We were serious when we said that anything is acceptable here.

What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?
Nobody knows that I really like Saturday morning cartoons.,
I love life!
I'm a Catholic but don't really believe in God.
I'm 28 and have never been kissed. I'm very self-conscious about this. Are kissing guides reliable? I'd love some tips.

The possibilities are endless.
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☆ If there are any questions, or requests for plugs and affiliates, please e-mail us at lj.confessions@gmail.com, or drop us a comment in this post.

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